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Stetson Inwood Fedora Hat


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The Inwood Fedora is constructed of firm finish felt and features a pinch front crown, bound edge brim, interior cowhide sweatband and grosgrain ribbon hat band with feather accent. Firm Felt. Made in USA.
Brim: 1 3/4″
Crown: 4 1/2″
Royal Quality Collection

Stetson Mens Cromwell Wool Felt Crushable Water Repellent Hats


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This go anywhere do anything crusher from Stetson is a sure thing. The Cromwell is light weight but durable enough for those long days. To ensure sweat won’t run in your eyes, this fedora features a Drilex sweatband. This is a crowd pleaser and real popular among the locals.

Crushable Wool
• 2 1/2″ Brim
• 4 1/4″ Pinchfront Crown
• Leather Hatband

Stetson Retro – Panama Straw Fedora Hat

$110.00 $75.00

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The Retro, from Stetson’s Medalist Straw Collection is a best sellers!
It features 2 1/2″ snap brim that can we flipped up or down for two different looks. It has a pinchfront crown. This hat is constructed from the highest quality straw, Panama. The weave produces a high quality very fine appearance. Branding inside the crown provides proof of genuine panama straw. A solid black grosgrain band adorn this hat.
Please Note: This hat does not include a Stetson hatpin.

• Panama Straw
• 2 1/2” Brim
• Pinchfront crown
• Grosgrain ribbon band

Stetson Runabout Foldable hats


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The Runabout Packable Fedora is constructed of fur felt and features a center dent crown, finished edge brim, interior cotton sweatband and grosgrain hat band accented with a Stetson branded pin. Fur Felt. Made in USA.
Brim: 2 1/4″
Crown: 4 1/2″
Unlined & Packable
Royal Quality Collection

Stetson Sharpshooter Wool Blend Fedora


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The new Sharpshooter from Stetson features a 4″ crown and a 2 5/8″ brim. Made using a fur blend without lining, this style is lightweight, and soft to the touch. A great choice for the outdoors at a affordable cost.

Made in the USA
Fur Blend

Stetson Sutley Fur Felt Fedora Hat


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Make a masculine fashion statement with the ultimate design in a man’s hat, the Stetson Sutley. Rugged and sophisticated, the Sutley is made of Royal Quality fur felt. The center-dent crown has widely spaced deep pinches and is surrounded by a ribbon dress band. The cut-edge snap brim is a modest 2 ½ inches. The fedora is satin lined with a leather band on the inside. The feather and pin are optional.

Brim: 2 1/2 inch snap brim.
Crown: 4-inch center dent.

Stetson Temple Fur Felt Fedora Hats


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The Temple by Stetson is the top of the line, Sovereign quality fur felt dress hat manufactured by America’s oldest and most respected hat company. This is one of the classic men’s dress hats, seen (along with the Saxon and Chatham) in almost every movie released during Hollywood’s golden age.


4″ Center Pinch Crown
2 5/8″ Front/BackSnap Brim
2 3/8″ Side Brims
1 5/8″ Wide Hat Band


Made of:
100% Fur Felt
Side Feather

steve harvey brown hat


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Want to make a good impression? Leave ’em breathless with the stunningly handsome black Dobbs Beechwood. A top-of-the-line Golden Coach model, the Beechwood is also part of the Steve Harvey collection. Its silk finish shimmers in the changing angles of the light, and the fur felt is extremely soft to the touch. The center-dent crown measures 4 ½ inches tall and is nicely proportioned with the 2 ½-inch snap brim, which is elegantly rimmed with a grosgrain-bound edge. The thick self band relaxes the hat’s personality, and its feather and pin are optional. USA.

Brim: 2 1/2-inch snap brim.
Crown: 4 1/2-inch center dent.

Stockton Cap By Bailey


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The Stockton is a vintage classic Ivy Cap shape crafted out of a smooth black leather. It is fully lined with a classic Grosgrain Sweatband.



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The Stratoliner Fedora is constructed of firm finish, fur felt and features a center dent crown, bound edge brim, interior Roan sweatband and grosgrain hat band accented with special edition stratoliner airplane pin. Fur Felt. Made in USA.
  • Brim: 2 1/2″
  • Crown: 4 1/2″
  • Royal Quality Collection
Taxten Cap BY Bailey


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Bailey caps are famous for their superior fit and custom patterns. The Taxten is our signature 5 Panel Cap. It is constructed out of distressed leather, fully lined with a Comfort Sweatband.
crown :paneled
Fabric :Leather
Brim :2 inches
Collection :poet
Shape :ivy cap